Gratitude Should Be Our Foundation


We always have needs to bring before our Gods. This seems to be human nature. We have Sacred Powers for a reason; They bring us the things we need most in our life, not least of which is emotional and physical survival. We pray for relief from our bad back or migraine headaches. We pray for that important promotion at work…the one we need so that we can finally afford to fix that used car of ours that is far beyond its sell by date. We pray for healing in our human relationships too, for love and acceptance and help to repair our family ties. We constantly bring our cares to the Gods, because They are there for us, really there for us, and They want us to commune with Them as we would with our closest allies.

But we need to remember that the Gods, like our biological parents, wish to hear from us not only when we need to borrow money or ask for something we want; They need to hear from us just because we love Them, and we’re grateful for the things They bring into our life. I’m talking about gratitude, folks.

I’ve been asked recently how it happens that I have this very close relationship with my Netjeru…with Lord Ptah and Lady Sekhmet, with Auset and Her Sacred Family. How do I have such a direct and heartfelt exchange taking place at all times between myself and my Gods? There isn’t some deep, mystical, hidden secret in answer to this. Quite simply put, I show my gratitude, every single day! The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is hit the Shrine floor. That’s right. Before I get my coffee, read through my emails or check my social media, I’m on the floor doing my prostrations. I light the candles in the Shrines and make my offering of incense, and I pour out libations of beer and wine for the Gods and the Ancestors. I say thank you, and I let my Netjeru know that They come first in my life.

When I say my morning prayers, I put the Gods above all. I mentally and emotionally clear everything else from my personal space, no matter how pressing or vital or important these external things may seem to be. The first part of each day is reserved for my Gods, for honoring Them and making sure that They are my ultimate priority. Throughout my day, no matter what I’m engaged in, I take little snippets of time in the back of my mind just to say a prayer, bring my focus back to Netjer, feeling that sense of gratitude and connection with Them. Because I do this every single day, my Gods know me, They respond immediately to me, and They give me Their direct presences throughout all of my daily concerns.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; our relationships with our Gods are a two way street. The Gods are going to engage us and meet us with the same effort we are willing to give Them. Give a little, get a little. Give a lot, get a lot. If you only give a few scant moments here and there, if you aren’t taking your relationships with your Gods as a serious priority, then They are going to remain a very casual presence in your life. If you want to have that close connection that remains with you at all times, then you will have to prioritize it, work for it, and earn it, as I have. The Gods give because we give, and They engage because we engage. The first step of engagement is learning to come first to the table, show your gratitude through offering, and truly, respectfully give your best self to the Gods.

When we make our relationships with the Sacred Powers our priority, we find a source of strength and power and healing that can never be depleted. We find our Gods as close to us as our biological family or dearest friends. In Them we will find healing and empowerment, despite our shortcomings or failures. But first, we have to take the vital step of making that connection, respectfully and lovingly. Our key is gratitude. Give to the Gods because They have given to you, and in so doing, you will have everything you really need.

All text and photo copyright © 2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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