Personal Ptah


I adore Ptah the Great Sculptor of Life,
Giver of all good things to humankind,
Giver of all gifts unto the nations of the world,
The Great Father of humankind Who bestowed
The breath of life to all living things!

He gave the gift of the Sacred Fire to humankind to
Awaken its flesh from darkness and turn away chaos.
He fashioned the body of humankind, bestowing life to form,
Opening up the mouths of all Kas with His arm of divine power.

I adore Ptah the Lord of All Life Who opened up the heart of
My Ka, giving life to the Eternal Body dwelling within my flesh!

e type of relationship I have with Lord Ptah is the closest relationship a human being can have with a deity. It is called “God-owned” in Heathenry. This means that everything in my life, including my very life, belongs first and foremost to Ptah. If He says pick up and move your life for me, I do. If He says I need to do a work, I do it. He is my Father, and the only being Who has that claim legitimately on my flesh, and my soul. My life is lived completely as His vessel, and that is a choice I made of my own free will, because the love I bear Him is so great that the thought of being separated from Him in any way is unthinkable.

I cannot say I know Him, because He is truly unknowable and beyond human comprehension, but I know that I am His, completely and without condition. This kind of love for a deity cannot be jumped into or casually achieved. I have literally walked through death for my Netjer, my Father Ptah, and my life is His to do with as He desires.

All text copyright © 2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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