Hetepu: Give What You Have

Ptah Shrine

The word hetep or hotep means “satisfied, “peace” and “boon”, and is applied to the action of offering. I cannot stress enough the importance of offering in our relationships with our Netjeru! The Sacred Powers grant boons (hetepu) to us during that vital exchange, where we come together with Them in the act of giving what we have. This creates a firm energetic link between ourselves and the Netjer. It changes the space we do this in from mundane into Sacred Space. Even more profoundly, it draws the Netjer into a bonded relationship with us that produces hetep (or hotep, “boon”), a blessing. This blessing is energetic, vital, life-sustaining and TANGIBLE!

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be a huge affair. Bring what you have: a candle, a bowl of beer, a piece of bread, a special stone, fresh cut flowers. Arrange these things on your altar or shrine as lovingly as you can, and invite the Gods to come and partake. Let Them know your heart, your thoughts, your appreciation for Their presences. Be sincere, and show respect. That is all it takes.

You see here a picture of the Shrine to the Household Gods in the Temple of Ptah Nevada. The evening ritual has been offered, and the hetepu have been placed before Lord Ptah and His Family. What we offer is what we can afford, and the very best our hearts have in them. When we do this, Netjer always meets us more than half way. Our household thrives because of our love and devotion. Netjer is always GOOD. NEFER.

All text and picture copyright © 2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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