Netjer, Never One-Dimensional


The God Ptah is generally limited in His functions when it comes to mainstream awareness of how He functions as a Netjer. People limit Him to patron of artisans, sculptors, and craftsmen, and as Creator of the Netjeru and humankind. These are very significant primary functions of Lord Ptah; however, like all the Netjeru, Ptah encompasses vast functions, manifestations, and spheres of influence. One of Ptah’s significant aspects is as a warrior god. In ancient times He became the patron of one of Kemet’s national army branches, and He was known as a mighty god whose anger and power raged like a bull, a bull of sharp horns.

The Hap (Apis) Bull is not only a manifestation of fertility, creation, and sexuality, but also an incarnation of destructive power, and dominance, which Lord Ptah has over all Gods and all things in creation. Ptah is also known to be a vengeful god in His pursuit to maintain the cosmic order of Ma’at. He has been known to strike blind those who lie in His name. We must remember that Ptah chose the Goddess Sekhmet as His beloved spouse, and She is well known for Her wrathfullness and warrior nature. Lord Ptah is equally a destroyer as He is the Creator. As Ptah-Sokar He is Lord of death, and He is a terrible, fearsome god when He manifests in that aspect.

We must not make the mistake of putting our Gods into neat little boxes with tidy labels, and refusing to acknowledge Them in the fullness of Their divinity, simply because some of Their aspects make us uncomfortable or are hard to swallow. Our Gods are not one dimensional. They are not politically correct, nor are They here to live up to our expectations or judgments. The Gods are above our judgment and our subjective morality. They are Gods, and we’re not! Just when we think we’ve pinned Them down, They are going to use every power at Their disposal to demolish our ignorance and idealism.

All text copyright © 2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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