Sacred Verses (21): Awakening the Hidden Chamber

Awakening the Hidden Chamber.jpg

I bring you sound as the language of becoming;
sound, being the warp and the weft of our beginning,
sprouting from the abyss of the unknown;
sound, the footfall of those tempestuous waters
abounding with the serpents of the deep;
sound, from the milk of your starry Mother,
Her body held up for you when you were the infant sun;
sound, the chorus of your great eye when it opened
to illumine the shadows of the uncreated world;
sound, the light of your eye in its many divisions,
bringing together the two halves of the pristine sky;
sound, the rapturous union of earth and sky,
the Ancient Mound and star-strewn vault of our First Time;
sound, the loins of my Father, awake and held firm in his hand;
sound, the thighs of my Mother, yawning and glistening with golden dew;
sound, Father’s wet shudder as the Imperishable Stars burst forth;
sound, Mother’s call when the two door leaves of heaven are thrown open;
sound, the swallows at the prow of the Night Ark,
calling out the serpent from his coils;
sound, the swallows at the prow of the Day Ark,
conversing with the Sun-God as the horizons unfurl before him;
sound, the light-gorged vessel of my heart in your presence,
having received the turquoise sun upon the skin of my two arms;
sound, reaching out to embrace you like that flared hood of the Cobra-Goddess;
sound, the waves of water and luminescence of your triumphant eye.

I bring my two hands as the eastern and western horizons;
the two horizons, shining as burnished gold when your countenance passes,
your double eye capturing the lapis lazuli of the sky;
the two horizons, wet with the flood of the first beginning,
whose lakes of gold and silver carry aloft your disk and crescent faces;
the two horizons, the Twin Sycamores of lofty and piercing boughs,
standing to face the ruddy dawn when its sun-calf strides between them;
the two horizons, the eastern eye which captures the earth at daybreak,
and the western eye which ensnares the dusky sky in its net;
the two horizons, the tamarisk from which the sky pours,
and the sycamore in which the constellations seek refuge;
the two horizons, the sky-blue lotus of the sun’s ancient birth,
the blue-black mound where his golden hawk alighted;
the two horizons, these two pylons between which my arms extend,
bringing with them the light and darkness of the first beginning.

Hear O Gods the voice of my heart,
resounding in the shadows as the wholesome eye of the dawn!
What I have chased is the injury upon me;
clouding my heart like the blearing of your celestial eye,
closing the door leaves of the sky to my gaze;
but I have thrown open the gates of the sky before you,
the eastern and western veils rent from the lights of your eyes.
In the east your door leaves are thrown wide open with the sun;
your door leaves in the west are thrown wide open at your approach.
The yawning legs of the sky present their verdant mound to you,
its eventide fissure making wet the path your holy feet tread.
I inhale the cloud of your lotus fragrance diffused from your loins;
this the scent of that very first dawn breaking the leaves of the sky.

Hear O Gods the beating of my heart,
the light that unfurls your heart’s ears!
I come on the tide of those ancient waters
where the face of the sun shone forth;
his arousal stirring the body of the flood,
his hand summoning the wind with its commands.
I come as his hand and his command,
my sacral tread bringing with it that light of the first beginning.
Let the lights of my two eyes shine for you in the darkness,
traveling the course of the Unwearying Stars before you.
Let the command of my two lips place the Imperishable Stars in your keep,
their illumination the mooring post where the light of the world gleams.

Hear O Gods the language of the sky,
pregnant with memory through the glance of eternal stars!
She is the Mother who bore the heavens and uplifted the sun,
her breast the sanctuary of untold constellations.
Stretching out her two arms, she cradled the dewy mantle of the sun,
breathing into his mouth the fragrance of your beginning.
Through half moon lips was the vault ordered according to her wish;
the sun becoming the sovereign of the naked and virgin horizon.
Come sun and come horizon, you thigh of bull and perch of falcon,
where the ruddy mantle of the dawn pours out at your feet!
Your language is the color of the midnight sky,
whose sound is the dance of the Unwearying Stars;
rising and falling, yet rising again.

I too rise after I have fallen;
see my body rising as a heron to crown the brow of heaven;
behold my wings of gold riding the wind as a falcon;
hear my words as a swallow breaking the silence of the sky.
For when your earth has fallen beneath my bare feet,
when the stillness of the waters has covered the Two Banks,
I will rise as a star in the eastern portion of heaven;
and my portion shall be the whole of the sun’s course
through the belly of his starry Mother.

Take the lamp of my full face and its light,
having filled the horizons and dazzled the green earth;
its beauty bears the language of that first daybreak,
coming fast over the rolling hills where the sun dances before us.
Let us dance when the Sun-God dances over his soil,
rich in his life and potent in his savor,
with sycamore and tamarisk swaying in our wake!
See how his light plies the southern waters from their dusky slumber;
awakened by the shout of his celestial eye,
they flood the earth’s rolling hills with their ancient memory.

Now you rise and awake like that ancient flood,
bringing upon your youthful skin the blue essence of first light’s lotus.
And who is born from the dew of its unfolding petals;
who becomes the child of the flood from which the sky draws its fire?
I am held at the breast of that sun-clad flower,
to shine my face upon the lonely waters of the world.
It is the sky who opens its two eyes before me,
and the earth who extends his body to receive me.

I bring you sound as the language of becoming
to open up your ears;
I bring you light as the memory of beginning
to reckon millions of years.
I bring you my heart’s constant beating
to fill the empty spaces;
I bring my heart’s most ancient flood
to awaken your dark spaces.

All text copyright © 2016 Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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