Hearer of Prayers

Hearer of Prayers

O Ptah Who Hears Prayers,
Benevolent of Countenance
Whose ears remain open;
You are the Great Eye
Seeing my heart’s vessel,
And it is to You that I call out
When my heart is in sorrow.
Yours is a shrine ever open;
Yours are ears ever merciful
To those who are oppressed;
Yours is the living flame
Rending the veil of darkness,
The Sun passing through the Underworld.
O King of Gods, Lord of the Great Throne,
Tatenen of millions of names,
Hear my prayers and shine Your mercy
On my sufferings;
Be the light of my dark hours,
And may my heart be Your shrine.
Homage to You O Ptah in the Soul-Mansion,
The Hearer of Prayers Who is Lord of the Sky!

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