Kemetically Speaking seeks to share insights and offer practical, hands-on advice for those who desire to sincerely connect with the ancient sacred traditions of Egypt’s living gods.  Kemeticism- as expressed through the vantage of this blog- is a legitimate spiritual lifestyle and body of religious practices grounded in the Kemetic or Ancient Egyptian experience of the Sacred.

This blog expresses the view that Egypt’s original and ancient deities continue to manifest in the current age, and are accessible to those who call upon Them.  The ideas, opinions and beliefs expressed herein are founded within a polytheistic understanding of the Kemetic religious traditions, and are generally (though not exclusively) presented according to a Kemetic Reconstructionist perspective.  This perspective presupposes that the ancient religion of Egypt can be restored using the sacred literature, temple and funerary inscriptions, and artifacts existing as part of the historical record.

A companion to this more scholastic, academic approach is a deeply spiritual and devotional context, in which the Goddesses and Gods of Egypt commune with humankind through the immediate power of a living religious and spiritual tradition.  This blog also strives to fill in the gaps in the historical record with a directly devotional approach, treating the Gods as living gods, gods that actually connect with Their devotees in the here and now.  It is not only through an intellectual understanding of the texts and remnants of the past that devotees of the Netjeru (Gods) can find meaning and direction in their spiritual path, but also through the devotions of prayer, ritual, offering, and the activities of cult.  Like any religion, Kemeticism must be lived, not just studied or dissected through cerebral activity.

Therefore, Kemetically Speaking also presents opportunities for Kemetics and/ or readers who desire to understand how the ancient Gods can speak and connect with humankind through the heart and intuition.  This is an approach that allows for personal interpretation and understanding, together with the spiritual treasures preserved in the historical record and interpreted by academics.  Thus not all posts will be governed by strictly Reconstructionist principles.  This blog leaves room for multiple approaches to the living Gods of Egypt.

Kemetically Speaking shares a personal view of how Kemetics today can embrace and adore their Netjeru.  It does not pretend to represent the experiences or beliefs of all Kemetics, nor does it claim to be the advocate of the Kemetic community entire or of a single religious community.  This blog is a personal expression of its author, giving heartfelt advice, research, and inspiration based upon the spiritual life of the author.  The author acknowledges that there are many, many expressions of Kemeticism active in the world today, and that paths to the Gods are as numerous as the Gods Themselves.  It is hoped that what is shared here may encourage others to seek their own unique relationship with Egypt’s living Gods, and to connect with the continual flowering of this very powerful, rich spiritual tradition.

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