Living Temples, Living Gods: Temple of Ptah Nevada & Temple of Auset Nevada

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To some the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt, the Netjeru, are merely archetypes and/ or symbolic constructions/ extensions of the human mind; however, in the faith lived by members of Temple of Ptah Nevada and Temple of Auset Nevada, the Gods are living manifestations of the Sacred worthy of our worship and offerings.

Our way of honoring the Divine is according to the ancient polytheistic experience of the Goddesses and Gods as actual personalities distinct from the human condition, and yet fully present in the mortal world. Our Gods flirt with us, love us, call upon us, eat with us, receive our prayers and sorrows, redeem us from misery and darkness, and fill our hearts with illumination. In our shrines, our Gods receive daily petitions, cultic offerings and worship, and the traditional liturgies composed by the ancient Ancestors of our traditions. Let us keep the channels between human and Divine open wide!

All text and images copyright © 2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa


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