Consecration in the House of Amun, Praising the Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands in His Appearance From ‘Dominion-Place’

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I give offerings of the heart to Amun-Ra,
the Lord of Lords of the Holy Throne-Place,
His god-making fragrance performing a
miracle of becoming in the heart of this
City of Amun.

O hail ‘Dominion-Place’ in its sweet life-breath
coming forth from the sacred north.

Homage to You O Amun-Ra, the King of the
Gods and life-giving Lord of humankind,
the substance-maker for all living beings of
this earth and Father of the Fathers of Creation.

O Hidden Illumination, O Amun-Ra.
O hidden and secret power of the First-Occasion.
O Lord of the Hand, summoning the Soul of the
primal waters in darkness and making light-radiance.

Homage to You, Master of the Two Heavens
and Supporter of the Two Light-Plumes
of the void, Possessor of all Shadows circulating
the interior coils of ‘The Provider of Souls’.

Homage to You Ram-Spirit of the Two Earths,
Provider of Spirit to the form of flesh and the
Members of living beings.

Homage to You Bull of Sunrise, appearing over
the Land of Sunrise as the Vivifier of the
Sacred East, the living soul-fire coming into
being as the manifestations of heaven, earth,
and the forms of the splendid creation.

Homage to You King of Kings within the City of Amun.

Homage to You Lord of Lords within the Sanctuary of

Homage to You Ruler of Rulers within the Sanctuary
of the South.

Homage to You Peace-Maker within the ‘Lake of the
Torch’ in Isheru.

Homage to You Pacifier of the Wrathful-Goddess within
the Sanctuary of the Eye of Ra.

Homage to You Amun, the Maker of Peace Who embraces
Mother Muwt as the Lover of Isheru, the fructifying
Bull of the dark waters of hidden might.

Homage to You Amun-Ra, the Lord of the Thrones of
the Two Lands, Uniter of the Red and Black, the true
Lord of the Black Land Whose command directs the
destiny of all Souls of the Two Banks.

Homage to You O Amun-Ra the Defender of the

Homage to You O Amun-Ra the Savior of the

Homage to You O Amun-Ra the Lord of Mercy,
the Hearer of Prayers as the Hearing-Ear.

Homage to You O Amun-Ra the Master of Diadems
and Wearer of all Heaven’s Ornaments.

Homage to You O Maker of all gods and Creator of
all nations.

Homage to You O Amun-Ra the Establisher of the
Followers of Truth, almighty in His sanctuaries,
crowned with the Two Plumes of Sacred Light as
the sovereign master of the heart’s divine becoming.

I give the offerings of excellence to Amun the Lord
of Perfection in His forthcoming from the Throne
of Dominion in ‘Dominion-Place’.

I make an offering of the god-making fragrance
of frankincense and myrrh to Him, the Lord of
mysterious appearances, Who fructifies maidens
with His holy seed, Who brings the latent god
to fruition according to His wish, Whose desire
comes into being as form and flesh and member.

I perform the torch-lighting ceremony for the
Lord of His Divine Incarnations.

I summon the Holy Soul of the Celestial Ram as
the Maker of life-essence in humankind,
fulfilling the existence of living beings with the
quickening breath in the lungs, the fructifying
power governing the house of creation.

I pour forth the libation of the Sacred flood,
petitioning Celestial Amun to appear from His
Cavern of renewal in the Nuwn.

O Darkness, O Flood!
O Light-Essence, O Amun!

Coming into being as the manifestations of
becoming, the evolution of the evolutions of
the Gods; the First-Flood, the First-Coming of
light in the primordial darkness.

I make an offering of natron the god-making
salt for the benefit of the kas of humankind;
uniting the Soul with the flesh; Amun with
Auf-Ra; Earth-Father with Heaven-Mother;
Ausir with His Wedjat Eye of restorative
powers; my members of the earth of my mother
with the powers of Amun the Sustainer of
living forms; the Bestower of Spirit to all the
beings of this earth.

I summon almighty Amun to the place of my
initiation to consecrate my flesh as the sacred
house of Your God-Soul.

I am the dweller in this, my flesh of my mother,
dwelling in these, the members of my father;
but I am not this flesh which goes the way of

I am not this death known to all men, feared by
all living beings.

I have opened up the Staircase to Heaven, the
portal of God-Making known unceasingly to those
Ennobled Souls, those Disciples of the Teaching
of Life.

I have opened the Celestial Ladder of the Netjeru,
and my sight is fixed upon the Indestructibles in

I am not this body of this earth!
I am united with Your Soul of eternal becoming,
O Amun the Hidden Soul of the Sacred East!

Though I go west when my time of night
approaches, I return in the east in the Company
of Auset-Sepdet (Isis-Sothis);
I return in the east in the Company of Ausir-
(Osiris-Orion); I return in the east in the company of
Khepra-‘Flying Sun’, the Lord expansive of light
on the day of the Summer Solstice!

O Amun, O Soul!
O Amun, O Ram!
O Amun, O Light of the Two Regions of the
Firmament Paths!

I traverse the east with You in the morning at the hour
of smiting Apep.

I traverse west with You in the dusk when Your
dazzling countenance makes peace as the Lofty One-
of the Two Great Horizons in the flesh of Atum.

May You give consecration to my flesh, O Amun,
empowering me to accomplish the Ways of Heaven
upon the earth.

May You give divine life to my limbs, O Amun,
empowering me to open the Portal of Heaven
in every place where my two feet tread.

May You give awakening to my Illumination-body,
O Amun, as an abiding soul in the company of the
everlasting Gods.

The discourse of Amun-Ra, the Lord of the Thrones
of the Two Lands, to His disciple in the Mansion
of Truth in ‘Dominion-Place’:

I give to you all life, abiding and dominion beneath
the heavenly vault, the confirmation of my
Entourage of Light of the firmament, the consecration
of your soul as a manifestation of the Sacred Fire,
and a coming into being again as an ennobled soul
in the presence of the Indestructibles!

I receive you in ‘Dominion-Place’ as the firstborn of
the Goddess Waset in my embrace.

I receive you in the Place of Sanctuaries in the
‘Most Select-of Seats’.

I receive you in the Sanctuary of Twin Plumes in
my name of ‘Menu-the Hidden One- Who is the
Bull of His Mother’.

I receive you in the Shrine of the Horizon in my Seat
of Appearances in view of the Lake of the Morning.

I receive you as the Bull, the Husband of the Vulture,
upon the Seat of Isheru in the waters of the Sky-

I receive you as my son Khensu-Neferhotep, the
Maker of peace in the egg of darkness within the
Coils of Great Mehen.

I establish you as the Lotus-Born at the moment of
the ‘Filling of the Wedjat-Eye’.

I avert darkness on your behalf, pacifying the wrath
of the Wedjat Eye of Ra and healing your wounds
like the Wedjat Eye upon my vertex.

I consecrate you with the Twin Plumes of dazzling
illumination of the horizons, empowering you to
carry the radiance of heaven to the four corners of
the earth!

All text copyright © 2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

Oracle of Mother Muwt: “Navigation Over Isheru”


O how sweet is twilight, that moment of Becoming, when shadows quicken and humankind slumbers, when the fire-orange expanse of Heaven is transformed into scintillating lapis- one moment bright, and the next a blanket of purple blue strewn with flecks of pure gold. Gone is the dazzling turquoise of midday…gone are the swallows darting hither and thither between rustling date palms dappled with the flaxen kiss of Ra. The Sun-God has abandoned His jewel on Earth, and creeping creatures bed down in thickets of papyrus, swaying softly to the serenade of crickets.

The Foremost Sanctuary of Amun casts its spell across a land dominated by stone giants, whose massive bodies bear silent witness to the passage of ages, where priests fumigate the air with myrrh, and sandalwood enchants the hot breezes rushing in from the south. White South, the Kingdom of the Lotus-Lily, the breath of the Eye of Ra, the dangerous and violent temper of the celestial vault’s Great King.

Isheru, O beautiful Isheru! How perfect are your banks, how bold the colors of the sky painted delicately across your lens of pure water. Isheru, in whose reflection the stars in their glory shine. Isheru, where noble Amun becomes the Bull of His Mother, and Khensu-Neferhotep is born! Homage to You, O glorious Isheru, the birthplace of the Lotus-Born, the falcon of crescent and disk, upon whose brow radiates the diadem of Heaven!

Perfect peace, the banks of Isheru the Lake of Profundities. The night sky heaves a sigh of relief as almighty Ra plunges beneath the deep dark waters, and at once all is still. A canopy of stars emerges that can be read like a map. Sah-Orion takes His place above Amun-Ra’s House, where the Ram reclines, enticing the heavenly travelers to pay homage to the King of the Gods. The chanting of priests diminishes, and the crash of a priestesses’ sacred rattle brings the sacred activities of the day to a profound close.

To the South of the Finest Harem of Amun glitters in silver light the crescent-shaped waters of Isheru, which my mind’s eye forms perfectly well even in the utter darkness of night’s thick cover. Fear flutters within my heart, but for a moment, as I enter the Domain of Mother Mut, the Lioness Who has been known to taste of blood and find contentment in rage.

I pour out an offering of fine red beer to You, O fiery Mut, the Lady of Isheru, the Queen of Your Sanctuary in the South! Amun the Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands comes to embrace You, as I come to embrace You…as all living things embrace You! O Mut the lofty of crown and regal of headdress, Whose coronet is the vulture and Whose diadem is the cobra.

Homage to You, Mut the Divine Mother!
Homage to You, Mut the Beloved of Amun-Ra!
Homage to You, Mut the Queen of the Gods!
Homage to You, Mut the Mother of Khensu-Neferhotep!
Homage to You, Mut the Eye of Ra!
Homage to You, Mut-Bastet, the Great and feared Goddess!
Homage to You, Mut the Lioness of the South!

I pour out an offering of the finest red beer in the presence of the Goddess Mut, and before Her two feet I kneel in awe, where fools fear to tread, but wise men come to be reborn through the blood of the Goddess. It is well known that great Amun-Ra, the King of the holiest of holies in Waset, traverses the miles of courtyards and sanctuaries simply to bask in the passionate embrace of the Goddess…even She Whose flaming temper transforms cool water into hot blood…who quickens the pulse and can even stop a heart.

I come to this place of the Navigation, alone and to ponder the meaning of my inner Mysteries, where the Goddess makes Herself known as vulture and lioness, Eye of the Sun and Cobra of the Sun-God’s brow. Her countenance may be terrible, even as is the fear of death, but how lovely to gaze upon Her refined curves, swaying in the moon’s alabaster light and beneath the vault of heaven’s jealous gaze.

Blue-black is the hair of my Goddess, cascading down to Her smooth shoulders in two lappets capped with rosy gold. How beautiful Her gown, woven of gold feathers and enhanced with a girdle of coppery pleats. How shining white is the Southern Crown upon Her head, and beneath it the fan of vulture’s wings and talons, whose lethal grasp firmly holds the gems of Eternity, winking in the pale light of the moon.

Is it a lion’s hot breath I feel upon my face, or the cool brush of a vulture’s wing? Is my Goddess fair or frightening…pleased or passionate…content or ready for war? Behind Her majestic presence I hear the churning of the Lake of Isheru, into whose depths so many men have gazed and been drawn, where kings have offered all that they had…where armies have prayed for victory and priests for prosperity. But the time for simple prayers has come to an end, and my offering provokes its Mistress to come forth and grant Her boons. I have asked for answers, and the Queen of Isheru has opened Her leonine mouth in a manner of answer!

These are the words of Mut the Great, the Mistress of Isheru: Come, O you kings of the Earth, and listen! Come, O you rulers of the North and South, and hear the pronouncements of the Most Ancient One, Who came before you, Who heralded the dawn with Her roars and made great the flood at the time of the First Occasion!

I was with Ra on that day of the splitting open of the Ished Tree in Annu, when the enemies of the Sun-God were torn and Apep severed. I have swallowed darkness, and I have eaten death, and the Primordial Gods feared me in this my name of Mother, Death…Mother, Death. For I alone am your beginning and your end, and within my body do all things that live gain their first beginning, and achieve their last end.

Yet I have drawn forth the infant Sun from my thighs, and I have conceived from a bull and made of Him my Lotus-Born Son. I have taken in Amun, in secret, in the wet lake they call Isheru, and within the crescent flood I give life to the Moon, Whose name has been called Khensu-Neferhotep!

Hush! Hush, O Child of the Secrets, and open your mouth to receive the breast of the Sun, which is hatched from the shell of a beetle and rolled across the vault to be as one with the Ark of Ra. Dutifully the Gods come at my command, for I am the ancient Generatrix, giving the Thrones of the North and South to the Greater and Lesser Companies of the Gods to rule, and it is by my will that such things were ordered as have governed time since the time of the First Occasion.

Come now, my Son, Khensu-Neferhotep, and dip Your lotus body in the waters in which Ra daily bathes…the waters in which Amun brought Himself into being, in which Atum moved His hand over His impassioned body and ejaculated the world. These are the Waters of Renewal, where a boy becomes at last a man, where a husband fathers generations, and where the dead are reborn into everlasting life. These are the waters in which a woman nourishes her child, which embrace a man when he is transformed by the senses, and which drown a seed in order that new life might burst forth!

Know then that all things were born in the depths and return to the depths, deep down into the watery abyss where the Sun had His beginnings. This is the Crescent-Place we call Isheru, which receives the gilded ship of my Becoming on the eve of the New Moon. This is the feast they call the Navigation, but it is nothing less than the navigation of humankind as a child through the womb of its Mother…the sapling’s fragile branches into the body of a great tree…the seed of a man into the lineage of his progeny.

Isheru is the womb where the kernel of potential is urged into fruition, and the process of Creation becomes a distinct reality. It is the bone that contains the marrow, drawn out from the corpses of the dead by vultures and transformed into the nectar of life. For all living things are born from death, and death is the Mother of all life.

Thus am I called Mut…“Mother”…Mut…“death”. O death, my Mother! O death, the becoming of my Ka into the greatness of the Glorified, Whose forms are boundless and Whose lights guide the way for the blind. All sight begins with darkness, into which pierces the light, giving form to form and substance to shape. Its root is darkness…emptiness…what they call the Abyss of chaos.

Go down, my child, into the Waters of the Isheru, and come up again renewed with the knowledge that comes from partaking of the Mysteries. All true knowledge comes from direct experience, and the experience of Immortality is gained through the transformations of birth and death, which are known to the Gods and to all creeping creatures beneath the Sun!

O my Mother Mut, from Whose noble breast I have suckled the wisdom of the Mysteries! Cradle my desire in Your two hands, and make of me Your Lotus-Born child, Whose countenance appears again and again in His name of Khensu-Neferhotep!

In gratitude I bestow the first fruits of the Harvest, the corn and the cornflower, the grain and the beer, the bread and the vine. I waft frankincense to Heaven and shake the Sistrum before Your face, glowing with gold and shining like turquoise.

When at long last I return to the world of the Sun, my feet have been washed clean in the Waters of Renewal, and the words of my Goddess have been inscribed upon my heart. There is no outer explanation of the Mysteries that can dispel their shadows nor express their ageless wisdom. These are held firmly in the vulture’s claws of my Mistress- the One Who is the Mistress of that Crescent-Lake called Isheru.

All text copyright © 2014 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

Repeating the First Occasion: A Guided Meditation Through the Founding of the Divine Mansion

Ptah Votive Shrine Statue

Wehem Zep Tepy
Repeating the First Occasion

All things begin at night. All things begin in darkness; where a kernel bursts with life in its bed of black soil; where the body of Ra the Sun passes through the beautiful terror of His Mother Nuwit‘s star-clad body; where a child is conceived, nurtured, and fed; where the Soul is swallowed in the hidden west, to struggle until the moment of its triumph into light. We are born from darkness and return to darkness. A mysterious beginning, swallowed up by darkness and submerged in water. This is the Nuwn, the Abyss of Beginnings, where all life waits to enter into creation, to behold the world of the above, to rise briefly before sinking again. We travel back, under, beneath…traveling…traveling…a Soul returning into the mouth of its mother, the Mother Nuwit, She of the Sky-Waters.

What is below my feet? Not earth, not heaven…I float in a cascade of water without surface, without bottom. My heartbeat speaks to my ears: debdeb debdeb debdeb, and in a single moment my body is awakened to its own beingness. I float suddenly aware of my form, naked and without constraints, as I was in my own mother’s womb. What is this form of power in the vessel of my flesh? My Ka-Soul tells me: this is the First Occasion of your life. Without taint, tarnish, corruption or mortality. Without beginning or end…you and I are of the same matter from which Creation began. We are here, wet and renewed in the body of Atum. Atum is the Everything, the All…the Completion of created things, and we are now immersed in the Everything, like a babe floating, suspended in its mother’s liquid womb.

What is above my body? At first I see nothing, feel nothing, if not the experience of water without texture, form, temperature, surface or measurable depth. I do not sink, yet I cannot stand or find a place upon which to alight. Can it be that I am here in the waters before everything else emerges? Is this how it felt at the beginning of all things, when night was king of the un-created world? Yet in my mind’s eye I can behold a canopy of rich purple and azure blue…a body of lights shining, glinting and casting off their radiance as far as the unknown stretches. White light bathes me at long last, and I sense that night and darkness have had their full reign. I sense a flowering in my flesh. It is time to go forth into the day.

The God Atum says: I am alone in the night. I am alone in the darkness. Clad in the waters of the First Occasion, I am the Most Ancient One, conceiving myself in seclusion, bringing myself up and out of the abyss. My form is the blue-black body of the primeval waters, saturating, swimming with serpents, the un-created One, yet containing the All. We come from this dark beginning, yet find light again. We depart from this light to come back into the darkness again. Come Ra! Come Sun! Come Tatenen the Ancient Mound! Let the waters part! Let your forms emerge from the wet, un-created creation. Let the abyss divide!

The God Ra says: I was alone in the abyss when I became the King of the Dawn! I battled the serpents with my bare hands! Their bodies fell to each side of my form, and at long last the illumination of my majesty found a place upon which to stand. I became the First Lord of the Dawn! I set my feet upon the first mound of earth that became Tatenen!

The God Tatenen says: I am the Mount of Beginnings, come forth from the abyss before humankind, animals or creeping creatures. I am the beginning of the Mysteries, blue-green skinned, bearded…the Father of the Primordial Earth. I embrace the darkness of the watered earth in its infancy. I contain the kernels of souls in my hands. I touch the waters with life, I grasp the serpents and make a path for the birth of the golden Sun.

The God Khepra says: I am the blue-black beetle of iridescent wings, Whose power encircled the waters in the beginning, Whose feet pushed forth the orb of the Sun and caused Him to live beyond the stranglehold of the serpents. I created my own creation, gave birth to my own beginning, and established Tatenen as the Ancient Mound of the first Divine Mansion. Let come forth the luminescence of Stars, Moon and Sun into the darkness! Let the Divine Mansion be established upon this first mound of earth. Rise earth! Rise the Soul-Mansion of the Gods!

Now my eyes have seen this Mount of Ancient Earth appear from the fathomless darkness of the abyss. I have heard the voices of these Gods, breaking the stillness of my meditation. The pyramidal mound takes shape, growing ever larger, pushing back the primordial waters until space is pushed out and land creates division called “above” and “below”. I see now a canopy of stars emerging to take the place of utter darkness. I behold the Meshtiuw-Stars of the “Bull’s Thigh” constellation, come to guide the foundation of the Divine Mansion, and, taking His throne in the purple-blue vault of heaven’s ocean, Sah-Orion, beckoning the presence of correct measurement and establishment.

The Mound awaits the God’s House and the God’s presence. I watch and wait and listen. She must be called forth from the Stars if the measurements are to be exact, and exactness is called for in the precision of creation. She is Seshat, the “Lady of Builders”, the leopard-clad Queen of the Seven-Pointed Star Sefkhat. A god’s presence is contained within the essence of their names and formulas, each magically constructed by the mouth of Ptah, the Great Architect of Creation. Let the Goddess Seshat be summoned by Her names!

Summoning the Goddess Seshat

The God Djehuty: I summon Seshat! I summon the SevenPointed One! I summon Seshat-Foremost of Bookkeepers! I summon Seshat-the Mistress of the Book House! I summon
Seshat-Mistress of the House of Life! I summon Seshat-Mistress of Wisdom! I summon Seshat-Mistress of the Teaching of Heaven! I summon Seshat-Directress of the Sky! I summon Seshat-Directress of Time! I summon Seshat-Who is Chieftainess of the Year! I summon Seshat-Who is Foremost of Knowledge in the House of Life! I summon Seshat-Mistress of True Measures!


Stretching the Cord

The Goddess Seshat: Behold! I am come to stretch out the heavens across the earth, to
establish the earth in accordance with the sky.  Behold now the Seven-Pointed One, come to illuminate the way. Behold the uwsekht Shuw, the heavenly regions in which the Indestructible Polestars shine! Let the majesty of Ptah, Tatenen, King of this earth measure out with His hands the appointed ground. Let Him come forth to set in order this Divine House of His, and let what He establishes on the earth receive the acclaim of heaven!

The God Ptah-Tatenen: On this day of the new moon my majesty makes firm the boundaries of this Divine House, declaring for it a foundation in the star-fields of heaven. The luminescence of Sah-Orion is unfailing. The Seven-Pointed One Sefkhat-abwy affirms the perfect strides of each wall, and Djehuty the Keeper of Books records all that my majesty ordains!

  • The God Ptah-Tatenen presents the sacred cord to the company of Gods, then stretches it across the Sanctuary.

The Goddess Seshat (takes hold of the post): Twelve knots in a rope command the magic and incantations of heaven! Twelve hours by day, twelve hours by night, the Ark of Ra traverses the vault and establishes the perfect hours. Just so, the walls of this Sanctuary shall stand encircled by heaven’s perfection. Every cubit is a measure of perfect peace. The harmony of this Divine House is established for millions of millions of years!

Hacking Up the Earth

The Goddess Seshat: I come bearing heaven, the Flood of the First Occasion, to encircle these walls with the renewal of the beginning. The flood is Nuwn, and I mark its beginning! The flood is the Nile, and I mark its eternal return within the walls of this Sanctuary!

The God Ptah-Tatenen: I come bearing earth, the Ancient Mound of the First Occasion, to return this Divine House to the moment of the rising. Rise!  Rise! Rise O floodwaters of the beginning! With a hoe I hack a trench in my earth-body, to receive the celestial waters that emerge from below.

  • The God Ptah-Tatenen uses a hoe to cut a trench in the earth.
  • The Goddess Seshat pours a vessel of holy water into the trench.

Molding the Brick

The Goddess Seshat (places a brick of clay in the hand of Ptah-Tatenen): I give you the mud of the earth! I sanctify the stone hewn from mountains. I order a course of bricks to be laid in accordance with the foundation of heaven!  I have measured out the walls, I have urged the Primordial Flood, I have melded earth with the flood and given you your Divine House!

The God Ptah: I establish the foundation of heaven, I cleave the earth and bring forth the Primordial Flood! I sanctify stone to receive the life of its maker. I sanctify flesh to receive the life of its maker. I sanctify earth to receive the life of its maker. I sanctify creation to receive the life of its maker. Behold! The Ka of Ptah is in His House.

  • The God Ptah-Tatenen molds the magic brick and presents it to the company of Gods.

Wepes-Bezen/ Wepes-Hezmen

Scattering Gypsum/ Scattering Natron-Salt

The Goddess Seshat: I purify this earth with the enchantments of heaven! I purify this Sanctuary with the magic of the Imperishable Stars! I encircle these walls, I establish perfection, I uplift the Soul-House of the God Ptah!

  • The Goddess Seshat sprinkles sacred natron-salt in each of the four directions of the Sanctuary.

The God Ptah: I invoke the purifying enchantments of the Wedjat Eye, creating this Sanctuary as a mansion of whole perfection! As the Wedjat Eye is whole, so this Sanctuary is whole! As the Polestars are indestructible, so too is this Sanctuary indestructible!

  • The God Ptah sprinkles sacred natron-salt in each of the four directions of the Sanctuary.

All text copyright © 2009, 2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa