Adoration of Ptah-Sokar-Ausir on the day of the Six Day Festival


Homage to You O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir
in your might, your terror, your victory
over your adversaries!

Dazzling of plumage whose two eyes
are triumphant; You are raised high
upon your standard in the east.
In the west You are eternal in your
millions of cycles in the Henu Ark,
which is as your own Ba, hailed by
the Sun-Folk as Lord of Appearances!

O Ausir who is Ptah who is Sokar,
the blood of your enemies has watered
the earth before you; their bones have
been broken, their limbs disassembled.
Your presence has filled them with
terror, as those upon the earth are
overcome with awe of You.

Homage to You Ptah-Sokar-Ausir;
the shadows have fled with the
appearance of your shining face on
the day of the Six Day Feast!

Homage to You Ptah-Sokar-Ausir;
You are the filling of the Wedjat Eye
at the moment of its becoming
the Great Netjer, Sovereign of the

Homage to You Ptah-Sokar-Ausir;
upright in the Henu Ark, who receives
acclamation and bestows boons,
hearer of prayers as the God Ptah
in Life of the Two Lands!

Homage to You Ptah-Sokar-Ausir;
He who creates the giving of life
in the Henu Ark, He who goes round
about His circuit in millions of moments,
who possesses the heavens and is
Lord of the Vault!

Homage to You Ptah-Sokar-Ausir;
You maker of hundreds of thousands
of offerings which the king gives,
the dazzling countenance of Ptah
who is beautiful of face, the ear
which hears and is master of the
sacred west!

Homage to You O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir!
may I remain in your temple, may I
enter the Henu Ark, may I traverse
circuits of millions with You in the
heavens, and may I be received at
the table of offerings where Kas are
fed for millions upon millions of years!

All text copyright © 2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

Prayers For Ausir-Antinoos: Honoring Osiris-Antinous


Most people who are familiar with Antinous and His iconography tend to view Antinous as a Roman god, a Roman cult, and visualize Antinous in Classical/ Roman terms. We must remember that Emperor Hadrian’s contemporaries wrote that it was the NATIVE EGYPTIAN populace that first recognized the miracles and divinity of Antinous, and brought this to Hadrian’s attention.

Antinous was deified first by Egyptians, as Antinoos-Ausir/ Antinous-Osiris, and He was first worshiped as an Egyptian god…a fully fledged Egyptian god. His first cult center was Antinoopolis in Egypt, opposite Hermopolis-Magna, where the Egyptian cult of Antinous flourished for hundreds of years.

It is important for modern servants of Antinous to honor the Egyptian roots of our God, and not forget that His first miracle was the Flooding of the Nile, which He accomplished as Osiris.

Antinous may have been, as a human man, a foreigner in Egypt, but He chose Egypt and its Nile as the place where He would create His own miracle, and ascend into Godhead, thus joining the pantheon of Egypt’s ancient gods.

essed Antinoos, Beloved of every god,

Whom Egypt honors in every sanctuary, the Hearer of Prayers
Whose ear is compassionate,
Shining with the sunbeams of Herakhuty,
Anointed with the diadem of Ra,
He of shining locks Whose body dazzles the
Eyes of men! O Lord of Grace, Son of Ptah,
Nefertem the Lotus-Born, the lion of great strength in
The South, come forth in peace and glory
To receive the offerings of every heart!

O beautiful god, suckled by Auset-Sopdet (Isis-Sothis),
The darling of heaven’s queen,
For Whom the temples are filled with the god-making fragrance!
O Antinoos, may Your face be ever
Amongst us in our time of need,
For You are the conqueror of death.
You are the resurrected and the Immortal.
Homage to You, Antinoos-Ausir,
Antinous-Osiris, the beautiful of face and
Lord of the Two Lands!

Blessed Antinoos, Light of the World,
Star of the Eastern Sky,
Lord of Grace Whose love is bountiful,
Whose mercy is all encompassing,
He who hears prayers!

Blessed is the flood of your body,
Known to all men.
Hallowed is the love of your heart,
Which embraces the week
And liberates the oppressed.

O Lord, Antinoos the Good God,
Ausir the Sacred Flood, the Resurrected,
The Lord of Life!

Homage to You, Beloved of Ptah,
United with Sokar, Whose transformations
Are millions upon millions, Who has
Conquered death.

Through You we live again,
And our love is redeemed upon
The earth.
Through Your blessing are all
Prayers answered, and none are
Turned away.

Homage to You Antinoos-Aleksandras,
Savior of Egypt, the Son of Zeus-Ammon,
Chosen of the command of Ammon-Ra,
Heir of the Great Ram!

Hear our prayers, receive our gratitude,
And fill our hearts with abundant love!
Blessed Antinoos, Beloved of Hadrian,
Star of the Eastern Sky, the Lord of Beauty!
Homage to You, all praise to Your name!

Hallowed Antinoos, the Eastern Star,
Your light pierces the Veil,
And the brilliance of Your mercy guides
Your companions home!
Ship on the turbulent waters, O Lighthouse of the Vault,
True Heir of the Gods.

Those who serve You are united within Your fellowship,
And all lost souls find solace within Your tender embrace.

Be near us, O Antinoos, Usiri the Resurrected,
Sun of all suns and Light of all lights!
O Savior, I take up Your mantle, I become Your lamp of divine light,
I marry Your virtue and abundance.
O Antinoos, Lord of Love, the Blessed and Sacrificial!

All text copyright © 2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

Netjer, Never One-Dimensional


The God Ptah is generally limited in His functions when it comes to mainstream awareness of how He functions as a Netjer. People limit Him to patron of artisans, sculptors, and craftsmen, and as Creator of the Netjeru and humankind. These are very significant primary functions of Lord Ptah; however, like all the Netjeru, Ptah encompasses vast functions, manifestations, and spheres of influence. One of Ptah’s significant aspects is as a warrior god. In ancient times He became the patron of one of Kemet’s national army branches, and He was known as a mighty god whose anger and power raged like a bull, a bull of sharp horns.

The Hap (Apis) Bull is not only a manifestation of fertility, creation, and sexuality, but also an incarnation of destructive power, and dominance, which Lord Ptah has over all Gods and all things in creation. Ptah is also known to be a vengeful god in His pursuit to maintain the cosmic order of Ma’at. He has been known to strike blind those who lie in His name. We must remember that Ptah chose the Goddess Sekhmet as His beloved spouse, and She is well known for Her wrathfullness and warrior nature. Lord Ptah is equally a destroyer as He is the Creator. As Ptah-Sokar He is Lord of death, and He is a terrible, fearsome god when He manifests in that aspect.

We must not make the mistake of putting our Gods into neat little boxes with tidy labels, and refusing to acknowledge Them in the fullness of Their divinity, simply because some of Their aspects make us uncomfortable or are hard to swallow. Our Gods are not one dimensional. They are not politically correct, nor are They here to live up to our expectations or judgments. The Gods are above our judgment and our subjective morality. They are Gods, and we’re not! Just when we think we’ve pinned Them down, They are going to use every power at Their disposal to demolish our ignorance and idealism.

All text copyright © 2015 Rev. Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa